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Top Twelve of Twenty-Two

What a year 2022 was!  We’ve got big plans for 2023, but a pause to appreciate all we’ve accomplished matters, too.  Before we accelerate too far into the new year (Giddyup!), here’s just a brief glance backward.

Helped launch Finless Foods into Foodservice.Poke with logo

At the cutting edge of sustainability and consumer demand, Finless Foods plant-based tuna lets consumers enjoy the popular and craveable seafood dishes they love, like poke and sushi, in ways that are good for us and good for the ocean.  Sound like just what your menu is looking for?  Let us know and we can hook you up!

RLC SignIFMA COEX and Restaurant Leadership Conference.

Dimitra, Stephanie and our illustrious panel presented exciting and informative sessions at IFMA COEX and RLC. Between the two of them, Dimitra and Stephanie have decades of experience across foodservice, and you can always count on them to talk about the things that matter most.  Follow us on LinkedIn and sign up to stay in the know – these two love to share their expertise and we’ve got a busy year of appearances in the works for 2023.



Continued our great relationship with Dot Foods.

Food is about connection and relationships, and we value our connections in the food industry, especially with companies like Dot Foods.  We managed three client booths at their Innovations show in April, and continued to help suppliers navigate this key supply chain strategy and get their GDSN data ready. Contact us today for more info on navigating this important foodservice channel partnership..  Will we see you there this year?

Worked with New Wave Foods on their Give a S#R!MP campaign.


Helped New Wave Foods challenge foodservice operators, chefs and distributors to Give a S#R!MP about seafood sustainability on menus with three new delicious product launches in 2022. Wait to see how we continue to help make New Wave Shrimp A Big S#R!MP*N Deal in 2023! Contact us today if you're ready to Give a S#R!MP!

ELohi BoothNational Restaurant Association

We managed 3 client booths plus Elohi's show debut at NRA this year. As you can see, our own Catherine Porter knows how to put together a trade show booth like no one else in the industry.  What the pictures don’t show: the most important, behind-the-scenes parts of Catherine's magic that get your money's worth out of major shows-- preshow planning, training, traffic-driving advertising and all the post show follow-up. Watch her webinar on trade shows, or get in touch for some one-on-one time with an expert or to request we manage your next big industry event. 

Graduated TiNDLE.

We’re so proud to have graduated TiNDLE, the Ridiculously Good Chicken Made from Plants, from our Accelerated Market Penetration program.  In just under a year, ESA saw TiNDLE land on the menu of more than a thousand foodservice locations across the U.S.  Now that’s acceleration! 

Assisted Veggies Made Great with their debut into foodservice.VMG group with logo

Loved in retail, and now loved in foodservice, too, we helped Veggies Made Great expand with muffins, frittatas and cauliflower bites, a great new sales team and targeted market tools for the channel.  VMG is on a mission to inspire people with convenient veggie-rich foods – let us know if you’re feeling inspired about these bulk offerings or the individually wrapped muffins and frittatas coming soon!

Worked with a number of exciting plant-based and natural products companies to help put them on the path to foodservice success.

While products like our Foundation or AMP programs can help a brand move from concept to market penetration, we also provide a more a la carte menu for companies expanding into new geographies, new channels, or new products.  2022 saw us helping new and established companies find the fastest, most efficient ways into foodservice – because you’ve heard us say it before: it’s not hard, but it is complicated.

2023 (58)Welcomed Chef Terry Byrne to a new role as ESA Corporate Chef.

Chef Terry Byrne came in out of the sales field and into the kitchen full time, adding his voice to our chorus of foodservice veterans.  Chef Terry understands operators’ culinary needs and helps clients show how their products meet those needs.  A valuable addition to any team, we’re especially glad to have Chef Terry when he’s showing off the versatility of Finless Foods plant-based tuna! 

Hosted our first webinar.

We’ve got more to come this year, because our first webinar rocked!  Stephanie Lind and James McCollum hit it out of the ballpark with information and insights about the future of plant-based.  We’ll be back later this month to share some knowledge about getting the most out of trade shows, and there’s lots more on tap for the rest of the year, so stay tuned.

Added industry veteran and insights expert Mark DiDomenico to the leadership team.Screenshot_20230111_014048

To get the most out of predictions and trends, you need a person who can bridge the gap between what the data says and how to put it into action for your business.  Mark is that man.  He helps companies hear the story the data tells – including stories about how their product can fill operator and consumer needs.  And in addition to that, Mark is also just a great guy.  Reach out to him, whether you’re an old friend or new, for more information or to congratulate him (and ESA!) on our successful match!

20220923_092752Arrival of the first ESA baby.

The ESA family grew in a literal way this year with the addition of our newest and most adorable member.  Megan Shambaugh, part of our Inside Sales team, “on-boarded” this little cutie, shown here wearing the official ESA onesie.


Here’s to another great year on the books

– and look out, 2023, here we come!